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About CenterPoint Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi studio was established many years ago with the purpose of bringing the health benefits of Tai Chi to the broader South African public.

Our goal is to create an environment where Tai Chi is employed to cultivate not only health and longevity, but also virtue, charity of heart and receptivity in an atmosphere of serenity – the culmination of which is the mountain-top of full consciousness.

Until recently the studio was known as The Jade Mountain School of Tai Chi, as named by its founder Greg McCord, who now lives in Scotland.

We are now called CenterPoint Tai Chi (or the CenterPoint Tai Chi Studio),

To us, the phrase CenterPoint explains clearly what Tai Chi is all about. Yin and Yang means balance (it can be physical balance and/or mental balance). When we have balance we are centered (physically and/or mentally). Physically – Tai Chi helps with finding and keeping your body’s center point and almost all the movements are therefore around the body’s center point and/or centre line. Mentally – Tai Chi helps with concentration and focus and when our concentration/mental focus is high (when we are in the “Zone”) we are mentally centered.